Discover 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need the G2 R.IP Ammo

G2 Research
G2 Research

If you have been locked away in a safe, soundproof room, without any contact from the outside world, then you may not have heard about the latest hype surrounding G2 Research R.I.P 9mm bullet. With amazing performance claims, the G2 Research R.I.P. Catridge is nicknamed “the wonder bullet”, and has gone viral on every gun and ammo blog on the Blogosphere.

Dramatic YouTube vids have increased the level of hype over the G2 R.I.P, and many viewers are quite impressed, and want to know if this extremely powerful 9mm bullet is actually for real, or some urban legend.

Although the G2 has its skeptics, the gun community still craves that “super bullet” everyone has been promising. It wouldn’t be the first time the ammo world has claimed to come out with the superhero of bullets; LeMas, ExtremeShock, and DRT have all been labeled “wonder bullets” in recent years. But as long as ammo enthusiasts crave the power, there will always be these superhero bullet claims.


Here are the top 3 reasons why you certainly don’t need the G2 Research RIP Cartridge:

1. The G2 R.I.P is a fully CNC-machined bullet creation, using technology that is far advanced over the traditional melted and molded lead versions. Though better technology should lead to better performance; there are never any guarantees.

Some experts say that CNC-machined bullet technology can offer a performance far better than even ammo experts could have ever imagined coming from a melted and molded lead bullet.g2 research

2. The G2 Research team has made some incredible claims on their video about the G2 R.I.P. The video claims that the G2 acts as a hole-saw, blasting through barriers.

This sounds way too good to be true, actually a bit absurd. But what if it does? Does anyone really need a bullet that powerful?

3. The team also states in their video for the G2 Research RIP Cartridge, that it will totally rip through obstacles. Most likely it will do as other “super bullets” do. It will certainly blast through obstacles but not in an over-hyped way, but rather in a regular, powerful, 9mm bullet sort of way.

g2 research

The video also makes some extremely incredible energy claims. The G2 Research team lists a weight of 96 grains, with a velocity speed of 1265 feet per second.These claims don’t even make scientific or mathematical sense, so maybe these numbers are just errors, or maybe they are more hype.

They might just be hoping that ammo enthusiasts become so delirious with excitement that they won’t notice that the numbers don’t make sense.

Over the top promotion and marketing should make everyone a bit cautious, and make them want to do their own research on the matter. Knowing your ammo, and the technology surrounding it, is highly important.

But one thing we must say, is that though many of the “wonder bullet” claims may be a bit far-fetched, the only way to test this super bullet, is to try out the G2 Research Rip Cartridge for yourself. Purchasing it may not be the most practical way to test it out; reading, asking questions, and doing research is good, but definitely not as fun.

Check out the video for your self after reading this article and you be the judge…

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