Come and Find Them: Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Hidden Gun Safe behind mirror in closet by Jonathon Ivy

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Part of being a responsible gun owner is making that sure your guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.

However, being able to hide your guns securely, while still being able to access them quickly in an emergency can be tricky.

That’s why hidden gun storage is becoming so popular.

Whether you choose a diversion safe , a hidden wall safe or some other form of hidden gun storage, there are countless ways you can keep your guns secure, out of sight, and out of mind.

Below, we’ve compiled and linked to some of the most popular (and creative) hidden gun storage ideas, as well as some really cool hidden gun storage furniture. If you have other ideas on how to hide your guns securely, or know of other cool products we missed, let us know and we’ll add them to the appropriate list.


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Hidden Compartment Furniture

View the complete list of our favorite hidden compartment furniture.

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Hidden gun safes

Hidden gun storage ideas:: Hidden Gun Safe behind mirror in closet by Jonathon Ivy
By Jonathon Ivy

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In Wall Gun Safes

Hidden gun storage ideas: Marquis in wall gun safe by Digtial Safe
Marquis wall safe by Digital Safe

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Secret rooms and passageways

Hidden gun storage ideas: Hidden Wall Gun Safes
By the Finished Basement Company

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Hidden Gun Storage for Trucks

Hidden gun storage for trucks - bed wheel well storage

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Diversion Safes

Hidden gun storage ideas: tactical walls clock diversion safe
By Tactical Walls

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DIY Hidden Gun Storage

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Where to Hide Guns in Your House

Hidden gun storage ideas: Quick Safe hidden gun storage air vent safe
QuickVent Safe

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